Environmental Choice

The Environmental Choice of Cellulose Insulation: AFT was founded on the practice of being as resource wise as possible and today we continue that practice. It has never been a fad with us. That’s something we take pride in.

How We Operate:

  1. Our insulation is manufactured with a minimum of 85% recycled post-consumer newsprint.
  2. Less embodied energy is needed to produce cellulose than the equivalent amount of fiberglass.
  3. Our installation process has no jobsite waste. All excess cellulose is vacuumed and reused.
  4. Our manufacturing process releases virtually 0% direct CO2 emissions.

Fiberglass insulation required 10 times more embodied energy than cellulose. Foam insulation requires 30 times more embodied energy than cellulose.

AFT is reducing the amount of harmful chemical and gas pollutants into our environment. Cellulose insulation is manufactured using only electric motors, no gas / electric furnaces to melt sand, no refineries to convert oil to the various foam components.

Wastepaper is the largest component going into our valuable landfill space today.

Each house insulated with cellulose insulation conserves that space and reduces the release of methane gases from landfills that contribute to global warming.

Even “soy’ or “bio-base” foams are still more than 50% petroleum oil derived. Fiberglass is a maximum 40%, whether manufacturing waste/scrap or recycled glass.

Landfills are saved from more materials that don’t decompose, such as trimmings from fiberglass batts and foam. Trimmings from fiberglass batts and foam end up in jobsite dumpsters and eventually landfills where they don’t decompose. When this happens, not only are the materials wasted but so is the energy originally used to produce them. Overall, less raw materials / natural resources are used.

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